It’s game time!!

I am absolutely sure I have annoyed my sister and, more specifically, my husband to no end lol. I break out in Beatles’ song at random lol. When I finished doing Nova’s hair this morning, I told her to get back to where she once belonged lol. I was up late trying to figure out what i’d wear and how i’d do my hair. What can I say, it’s been a hard day’s night lol. I’ll stop now lol. I did have a dream that Paul called me on stage! I read all kinds of reviews and he literally puts on like the best show out there. THREE HOURS of music!!!! I am telling you, Paul is my favorite lol. All around an amazing man=) AHHHHHH!!!!!There is no such thing as playing it off lol. Way too excited. I’m actually contemplating making a sign just to make the whole thing legit lol. I’m out.

Beatles Songs

Ok I will just post 20 lol but these are in no way, shape or form the end all be all lol. I love waaaaaaayyyyy too many songs for me to contain them to one post lol. I guess McCartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed can be the jump off.


and I know i’m seeing only Paul so i’m aware that Paul doesn’t lead all of these songs but he’s a Beatle and so any Beatles song is appropriate for the situation lol.

Happiness is a Warm Gun

I need a fix cause i’m going down, down to the bits that i’ve left uptown…..

Hey Bulldog

Child-like….. no one understands….. Jack knife….. in your sweaty hands….. some kind of innocence is measured out in years. You don’t know what it’s like to listen to your fears. You can talk to me, you can talk to me, you can talk to me, if you’re lonely you can talk to me.

Dig a Pony

I told you so! All I want is you! Everything has got to be just like you want it to-o-o-o-oooooooo… beeeecccaaaaauuuuusssseeeeee!


Rocky Raccoon

And now Rocky Racoon, he fell back in his room, only to find Gideon’s Bible. Gideon checked out, and left it no doubt, to help with good Rocky’s revival, ahhhhhhh!!!!


In My Life

There are places I remember, all my life, though some have changed…… (ahhhhh that one line right there gets me! LOL. I just think of all the places i’ve been casually and the places that hold really deep meanings for me and how they only exist in my mind now)



I don’t wanna leave her now, you know I believe in how……



All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.


Octopus’ Garden

We would be so happy you and me, no one there to tell us what to do. I’d like to be, under the sea, in an Octopus’ garden with you…..


Ok, no. Lol. I can’t do this. This is crazy.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

I saw her standing there

If I fell

I’ve just seen a face

And I love her

While my guitar gently weeps

I’m happy just to dance with you



I’ll Follow the Sun

Here comes the sun

Hey Jude

Get Back

Helter Skelter


Come Together

And even this is crazy! I can’t name them all lol. Too much process.

Hello Goodbye!

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello…… hello, hello!


I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!




As usual.

Gonna be allover the place with this one.

I have a really strong urge to draw the tree I saw in my dream last night. Only problem is, I know I won’t be able to lol. This is one of those times I wish I had a friend who could draw like REALLY well. There are some crazy crazy CRAZY things that I have seen in my dreams and it’s not fair lol. It’s not fair that these things are stuck in my head and I have no way to convey them….. that tree was one of them. I mean it was the coolest tree ever. Anyways I am probably going to fix myself a cup of coffee and at least attempt to draw it after this blog.

I literally threw the kids in the car barefoot and tried to catch the solar eclipse haha. I managed to see it on the way but the kids couldn’t see it….. so I went to my spot under the bridge that I usually go to for sky events…. it’s usually like the best place to go. Anyways. I pull up and there were two guys around my age that I guess rode their bikes up there to check it out. I put the car in park and stood up, leaning out of my door and yelled to them asking if they could see the sun from where they were. LOL they looked at me like I was an angel hahahaha. I’m not kidding it was so awkward…. so NATURALLY they said “Oh yeah, I mean, you can see a little bit…..” and i’m all like “Awesome!” and then I load each one of my four children out of the car barefoot hahahahaha. It was soooooooo funny the looks on their faces lol. So we went to where they were and of course the sun was already gone lol. One of the guys asked me if all four of them were mine. That has been happening so much lately. So I told them that yes, all four were mine and he said I must have my hands full. That is literally the first thing that everyone says when they find out I have four kids….. and i’m thinking…..”Dude. Do you think I would load them up barefoot, drive them all to a bridge for a solar eclipse if I had my ‘hands full'” lol! I got this. I’m good. Seriously. No big deal. No, for real, we’re okay lol. People look at me like I must struggle all the time or something and I mean, I do sometimes but no more than any other parent, honestly. Being a parent is exhausting, period. And yeah, I have a few extra steps involved lol but trust me, i’m not dying lol. I’m actually doing really well. We’ve got this on lock over here…. but thanks for asking! So I responded, “Oh no, it’s a breeze, honestly!” and I rode off listening to this:


Because SUMMER…..IS…….OVER :-( The horror. I know. I looooooovvvveeee fall….. and I get so excited for fall….. but then I am filled with regret of all of the things I didn’t do over the summer… the nights I should have spent out at the beach watching the stars or riding the bike on the path in the woods or running in an open field and blowing bubbles with the kids, playing baseball with Kevin, camping……UGH! Seriously! And I vow every year that I will do it better next year…. I mean, we did a LOT but GOD I want to do MORE. I want more, more, more lol. I think I am going to start writing lists of things I want to do for each season and COMMITTING to that shit. For real. I need to have more structure and organization so I can actually follow through instead of just forever talking about things I want to do. I need to go back out to the beach and lay up real soon….. before it really does get cold.


Bigger fish.

Fish that look sort of like:



Okay…. maybe the fish looks more like:


Stella McCartney show, Spring Summer 2014, Paris Fashion Week, France - 30 Sep 2013


At any rate, i’m there dude! Well, I will be there Saturday. Kevin seriously wants to take the kids to the air show saturday…..


Have fun with that, Kevin. I’m locking myself in the bedroom and turning off my phone lol. There is NOTHING that will interfere with me getting to this concert lol. Nothing. I’m not kidding you, I didn’t think i’d ever get to see Paul McCartney. I mean, can you think of a bigger name? I can’t. Maybe i’m biased lol. The BEATLES dude. I am seeing a freaking Beatle! So awesome! And my favorite, at that! He has always been my favorite. And he is still kicking ass at 72 years old. I am so excited. I am not one to get star struck. I couldn’t give a shit about celebrities….. even my favorites, I imagine i’d be pretty chill about them….. except Paul….. and i’ve started to get a weird obsession for Jake Bugg which is a little uncomfortable because he’s like 5 years old. I’m kidding…. but yeah. Two extremes here lol. SO talented. OMG. SOOOOOOO so talented! And just down to earth as ever…..


And humorous!



I mean, he’s just a brilliant man and it doesn’t hurt that The Beatles’ pretty much changed the game, nah mean?!? I would post a “My favorite Beatles songs” list but I don’t need that sort of stress in my life lol i’d have a hard time deciding.

So anyways. I think Paul McCartney is just as cool and chill and clever today as he was in the 60s. And that brings me to a point i’ve always sort of wanted to make. I like things that are timeless. I think people should be timeless. I don’t think people should be bound by their age or their generation or their culture or whatever. I think people should be free to move about. The body ages, the soul doesn’t age…. that’s why I don’t feel strange carrying on a conversation with someone in their 70’s or 80’s…… If things ever really mattered they should always matter…. is basically what i’m saying? I don’t know how to explain it lol. Ok, I am not a super trendy person…. like i’m not on point wearing the latest fashion all the time…. but honestly, drawing all sorts of attention to myself is like the last thing I want to do so I stay well within the normal margin of socially acceptable clothing lol. I don’t look eccentric. I’m not knocking those who are happy looking eccentric and i’m not saying there aren’t some pretty off the wall things I would like to wear. Truth be told, i’d probably be dressing like a for REAL hippie some days and a for REAL nerdy girl from the 60’s on other days and then some days i’d probably look like Sarah Connor from Terminator I mean you just never really know with me. But I won’t go there because I would not be happy if I stood out everywhere I went. But those things are still appealing to me. Classical music is appealing to me, it still sounds beautiful and will always sound beautiful. How does it lose it’s relevance? That was the music of that time. That is what the young lovers danced to. Why did that ever change among the youth? Fads come and go. I don’t like changing with fads. I like what I like. Things should be timeless.

I don’t think i’ve made any sense and I have no lifelines lol I don’t know what to do now.

And then another curve ball that will probably make you wonder why you even read my blog….. I know myself, I observe myself and I sometimes stereotype myself as I think the world might. Like, I look at this post, even, and imagine people would think i’m childish….. I really am “childish” in a lot of ways…. but I hope no one ever confuses that with me not understanding and knowing better…. I choose to be childish. It’s a choice. I could neutralize my wardrobe and wear mom shorts and loafers and what not. I could plain jane my hair to a boring shade of brown with subtle, thin highlights….. and I could wear soft makeup with a little lipgloss, a dainty necklace, clear coat on my nails…. I mean, I know how it’s done, okay? LOL. I get it, I understand how to be an adult woman. I could rock the scarf and tunic and leggings with “funky” little earrings just to prove I have at least a shred of personality left….. I could “grow up” and all that fun stuff…. but honestly, I don’t want to. I choose not to. I make a choice everyday that I will NOT be the owner of a minivan and mom jeans because I WON’T lol. I’m not doing it. I am happy with myself. People sort of look depressed like, “Ugh, being an adult is sooooo serious…. I’m soooooooo responsible….. I’m old…. back problems….. I don’t do ‘that stuff’ anymore…..” and i’m over here building sand castles and shit. Because I can. If you’re boring as shit, stop being boring. Stop thinking that being a responsible adult means you have to be ordinary and plain. I mean, if you want to be plain and ordinary, that’s fine….. but stop walking around bitching about life like it goes downhill with age because it doesn’t. You get SMARTER you SHOULD get happier lol. I don’t see myself ever getting played out lol. I’m going to continuously reinvent myself year after year after year. I’m childish….. but i’m fully aware of my childishness. At least i’m not miserable and depressive.

Paul McCartney good Lord. It’s happening. This blog was stupid. Basically everything that I talked about that didn’t involve paul mccartney was kinda lame. I’m sorry.




Church, Doctor’s, Fishing, car accidents and the future

I can’t even think straight right now i’m so tired lol. I wanted to write this before I forget. I had a weird dream. I was in St. Mary’s Georgia getting ready to catch the ferry to Cumberland Island. I stopped in a small white church to get some sort of instruction from a pastor…… but the church wasn’t a church when I got inside, it was a Doctor’s office and I got a brief check up to make sure I was healthy….. but when I came out, I remembered it two ways. I remembered it being a doctors office and that I had a check up but I also remembered it being a meeting with the pastor and receiving instruction of some sort. So I left and I waited on a bench outside for the ferry. It was night time. I sat down next to a scientist that was teaching at the nearby college. We were talking about the universe and there was a large screen TV playing outside…..just showing video of the universe to music….. really weird… and he turned and looked at me and said, “You know we’ve found the particle that started it all?” and my mind was blown….. I know we had a conversation about it but I don’t remember it. So I took a small boat to Cumberland Island. It was still dark out….. Wait. I guess I should specify. When I was at the church, it was daytime. By the time I got out, it was dark. When I arrived at Cumberland Island, it was light again. The water was clear like in my other dreams, looked like paradise lol. My brother met me at the shore. They were in the water trying to fish. They didn’t have a fishing pole for me so I started catching fish left and right with my bare hands. I hung out with him and Brenda for a little bit then caught the boat home. I met up with a young guy on the other side. He was overweight and was wearing a white coat like he was either a Doctor or a scientist but he kept asking me questions about who I had been in contact with…… and I told him about the doctors, the church and the scientist….. then I realized I had the stethoscope with me and shannon was like, “Uh, Kristi, your insurance isn’t going to pay for that, you need to take that back” LOL. So we walked back to the church and I dropped it off.

This dream was WEIRD.

Edit: I went back to sleep and woke up at like 6 something. I had a dream that Kevin was going to park a motorcycle. He tried to drift it or something, it was weird, but he got ahead of himself and wrecked it. My dad was out there and I screamed, “Omg, Kevin!” and ran to him and my dad said, “He hit his head on the road pretty bad”…… and I picked Kevin up and carried him inside. Literally picked him up like a child on my hip LOL. He’d probably kill me if he knew I wrote that haha. He was responsive, just cut up really badly and I was SO ANGRY. I am always worried about him getting into an accident because he’s just honestly not that coordinated. He won’t admit that but he isn’t.

I went back to sleep and just woke up (running a little behind this morning). I had a dream that I took Judea for a walk down Jammes Rd, the street I lived on when I first moved to Jax. I lived like three houses down from the baptist church on the same side of the road. So I showed him the old house and we kept going. Wow. Wait. No. We were walking because my car set on fire at the corner of Jammes and 103rd. Idk what is there now but it used to be a bread store so that’s where we were going and the car started smoking. I got out and looked under the hood and it was on fire. So I got the kids out of the car and I think my Dad or Kevin took the other three so it was just me and Judea walking. Anyways. So then we looked across the street from my house and someone had wrecked their car. I don’t remember much of that but I know they were okay. Then we walked a little more and I looked up and right next to the field, a small red pickup had crashed. The truck was smoking and everyone was gathered around just watching them. I went up to the truck and I saw it was an old friend from middle school in the driver’s seat. His whole family was unconscious, even a couple of kids. I guess everyone was waiting for rescue to get there. I walked up and was about to pull the kids out of the car when my friend regained consciousness. They rolled the windows up because they didn’t know what they were going to do…… he looked like he might have actually been thinking about driving off. So I knocked on the window and he recognized me and I just started talking to him telling him to do the right thing, no matter what….. and that was that with him. So we crossed the street and when we did, it was like we stepped into the future. I was walking back towards my house under these trees. Wow. This is weird. So, these trees shed a lot of leaves in the fall….. and one fall, my friend Dale and I were walking together under the trees and I was sort of lagging behind. He got behind me and started playfully pushing me to go and the leaves were falling everywhere….. I clearly remember it was under these same trees that were in my dream, right at the corner of the first street before you get to the church…. Yesterday, my husband was cleaning out my parent’s shed and he found a clipboard that I had graffiti’d with me and Dale’s name from middle school. Dale is my friend that died in the car accident. So that’s weird. Anyways, Judea and I were walking under these trees but omg they were gorgeous. The leaves were all turning really bright fall colors and suddenly there were lighted strands everywhere, it was the prettiest thing ever. I kept walking and it was like the trees began to form a tunnel to walk through with their branches. Remember, we are in the future lol. The branches grew perfectly portioned slices of apples with skins the color of like a pastel rainbow…. soft shades of pink and pale green and yellow and lavender…. and they were already sliced…. and each slice had a different flavor…. I took a bite of one of the apples and it was REALLY juicy I think it tasted sort of like mango but someone got one that tasted like bacon haha! Everyone was just standing under this tree in astonishment, eating all of the apples….. where the house should have been, there was a little shop with windows that open up to the outside to take peoples’ orders. They were preparing the apples in different dishes and pies and what not. It felt like I was somewhere magical like I was on the set of willy wonka only definitely zero cheese factor (I love that movie but let’s be real here lol)….. it was just awesome…. and I was sure it was the future….

Oh and as we were walking, this was playing:

The end.

I’d rather be interesting

I do understand how important appearance is. I also understand that it’s like always the super pretty women who are all like, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” and they’re like the vainest of them all lol. I understand i’m pretty and I don’t think it sounds shallow to say that. I will say this, however…. while *I* think i’m pretty, I sometimes find it super hard to believe that other people think i’m pretty…. and I so hesitate to even say that because, again, it’s usually the pretty women that KNOW they are gorgeous yet put themselves down in front of others as a way to fish for compliments lol. I definitely don’t fish for compliments, they make me REALLY uncomfortable. When guys used to tell me I had pretty eyes or whatever, i’d basically like run into a wall or start talking about how I wipe my face off on my sleeve….. just to downplay the situation lol…. not just about my looks, though…. compliments in general make me feel uncomfortable because I guess I just don’t want to seem like i’m trying to be more than what I really am? Idk. This took a turn down a weird backstreet lol….

With all of that madness said^^^^^…… I would honestly, genuinely rather be interesting. I want to convey that to women who obsess over their looks…. and I know it’s probably easy for me to say because i’m married, I look aight and i’ve got pretty much what I want in life….. so for someone who is single, struggling with appearance and just sort of wandering aimlessly, I know the idea of just being interesting over being stunning seems stupid…. Everything is gauged by how someone looks…. usually…. Take Susan Boyle, for instance. When she stepped out on stage, it was like a big mockery going on. It was a joke, everyone thought it was a joke….. and surely she could have tamed those bushy eyebrows and did a lil sum sum to hook herself up…… and maybe they played off of her homeliness…. but honestly, people weren’t expecting much out of her because she didn’t “look the part”. But damn! Right? She showed everyone. She definitely had shock factor going on. And so i’m sure some women probably feel like they’ll never be successful at what they REALLY want in life because their looks just don’t stand out….. But check it out. Have you ever noticed someone in a crowd….. just a random somebody, maybe not even that physically attractive….. you just are drawn to them…. and i’m not even saying in a romantic way, either. It could be someone of the same sex, someone old enough to be your grandma or even a child…. but you are drawn to this person…. I am willing to bet money they are interesting people. It just seems to work out that way. Usually, the ones that stand out the most are the ones who have the best stories to tell. They have wonderful minds and I guess that just causes them to radiate. This probably sounds all pseudoscientific or whatever but I do believe a person’s energy, what a person is made of, it lures people to them….. it could be good, it could be bad, doesn’t matter. It’s never the so so’s that stand out.

If you are looking for a mate…… ask yourself…. what do you have to offer them? You may very well be pretty, you probably do have your shit together, you might just have a lot of achievements under your belt….. but after all of the stories of your past have been told, after they’ve grown accustomed to your looks and your ambition has become the norm…… what’s left? Is there anything left? That’s where the focus should be and I don’t think very many people understand just how important that is…. It really ISN’T what’s on the outside that counts…. initially, it does…. that’s the bait. That’s how you get the fish….. but without a hook, you’re not going to keep them. They’ll take the bait, eat it and swim away…. and there you are. Right? You can be the best dressed. You can drive a really nice car and have a great job. You can even have some impressive goals set for your life with a long list of accomplishments….. but at the end of the day, it’s simply not enough. There is more to life than that. There is more to YOU than that. People far too often just pass the time….. they watch these meaningless, garbage tv shows that are literally rotting their brains to the core. They listen to the music of the day. They go out for drinks, go to the movies, maybe even go dancing…… but when they aren’t occupied by all of these external things, they don’t know WHAT to do. There’s nothing in there. There is no depth to them. The thing is, this CAN be changed. If you feel like you’re one of those boring people who don’t have any special talents or things to talk about….. it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. If anything, write a list. Write a list of all of the things you think you might like to do. Not things you’re necessarily good at, just stuff that captures your attention. If you find any interest in art at ALL…. I mean even a little bit….. take one of those wine and art classes. Sure you’re not implying you’re Van Gogh or anything lol but it’s another notch in your belt. You did that. Cross it off the list. Next. Do you enjoy seeing flowers? Are they appealing at all? Buy a plant. Just one. That’s it. Just buy one plant and take care of it. There. You now have a plant. Do you think women who know how to fight look badass? Take a class. Just a quick 6 week class. Doesn’t have to be a lifetime ordeal and you don’t have to compete in any championships lol. Just do it, learn the basics and add another notch on your belt. You did that. Next! And keep going. Ever wonder how houses were built back in the day? Google it. Read a few articles about it. Don’t just be one of those people who are like, “Hmmm, I wonder how that was done?” and just never explore it. Explore it! You never know. One day at a party, the guy of your dreams could be all about architecture of the 17th century and guess what sweet cheeks? YOU are going to be the only female that can jump in and talk about it lol.

I’m saying. Looks can only get you so far. A pretty lady with no depth is like a museum….. sure, you’d like to go check it out, walk around in it and see what it’s about…… but you’re not going to live there. You can only explore a museum so many times before you’re like “been there, done that, next!”. Don’t be a museum. Be an interesting home with lots of books and boxes of memories and a comfy couch to sit on, table to kick your feet up on….. have cool things on the bookshelf, a garden out back….. and always have a new secret to share….. something sitting in a box in the attic waiting for a rainy day to take out and tinker with. All of those pretty girls….. there’s a sea of them. They are everywhere. Be the one that stands out among them. Invest in yourself….. you have to believe you’re worth investing in. And you can’t do it for others, you have to do it for yourself. Life is worth living, it’s worth exploring, it’s worth learning from and experiencing. If you have a question, find the answer, don’t just sweep the questions under the rug. Don’t talk about how it’s too much process to keep up with a garden if you REALLY want to garden….. don’t forgo buying a weapon because you don’t think you’ll ever be a real master at it….. doing something, even a little, is better than nothing at all…..

I know i’m okay to look at….. but I find my real comfort in knowing i’m interesting……

Shooting Stars Dream

Wow….. i’m willing to say that maybe I scanned a website and subliminally picked up a headline about the meteor shower…… I just don’t recall. In last night’s dream, I distinctly remember being outside and seeing shooting stars everywhere….. I was getting mad that no one else could see them, they were everywhere. So this morning I saw an article about a meteor shower taking place tonight. I love meteor showers!

I do stuff

Basically, here’s the gist of it. I have decided that since I don’t have the money to go on an awesome backpacking trip in the Alps or any of the other bullets on my bucket list….. i’ve decided to go ahead and do what I can with what I have, where I am. That’s why I go out like this. That’s why i’m always going off to parks and what not. I know people have got to be like, “Dang son! Do you ever stay home?!” LOL. I do. But here’s what I remember. I remember a time in my life where days would literally just pass me by. I’d think of how I wanted to get up and get out….. but i’d find a reason not to…. so i’d just lounge around the house and dream of actually living. I reluctantly got out. It was more of a chore than actual excitement. I would always think of the process involved rather than the fun awaiting me… i’d think about how I had to actually get dressed and do something to myself, prepare kids and load them and run into potential disasters and i’d basically just be like “too much process”. That was my motto. Now? I don’t give a shit about process lol. Bring it on. I’m only getting older. Life can only be lived once. If I never have that amazing adventurous life of traveling the world, i’m still going to make it as amazing as it can get. I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and seeing places for the first time. It’s so exciting. Doesn’t take much to entertain me, i’m like an overgrown 5 year old. It’s just, people are always saying, “You guys go allover the place!” and I they say it like “how do you do it?”…… and it’s because….. it’s important to me. You’ll find time for whatever is important to you and so I make time for this. I want my kids to grow up with the same sense of adventure I felt as a child (and still feel lol). I don’t want them to be one of those people that comes home from work and just lays around as the days pass them by. What are you working for if you’re not living? Work to support actual LIVING. And don’t wait for things to be perfect, they’ll never be perfect. Don’t wait for things to be easy, either. Just do it anyways. That’s how I feel. If shit goes south, at least I tried. At least I can say, “Well, I won’t do it like THAT again” rather than always wondering. I just want to live. If I drive an hour away and my kids all simultaneously poop their pants and scream nonstop or whatever other disaster may happen, I can just deal with it and tell myself, “There’s always tomorrow.” I will survive lol. So just live. Just get out, even if you’re tired, even if the couch and the tv are calling your name. Ignore it and get out in the world.

So there’s my little tidbit or whatevs lol.

Here’s just a collection of pics of what has taken place over the past several days lol. The majority of the pictures are from Ravine Gardens State Park. I’m telling you, pics don’t really do it justice. I’ve started to learn my lesson. You’ll see a place get good reviews but you look at the pics and you’re like, “Big deal?”….. but pictures never really portray what things actually look like in real time. This place was wonderful. It was part of the New Deal era and so it just has that 30’s vibe to it…. I SO love being places that seem like they’ve got some history to them because I just imagine that i’m walking in the footsteps of people from back in the day….. idk, it’s just always been a thing of mine…. like women in big frilly dresses or men with top hats….. blissfully ignorant folk lol. I love the way they gardened back in the day. Like, that was one of their things….. and so the past seems like it would smell like Lavender and Jasmine and stuff….. because that’s just what they did lol. I’m rambling. It was very “woodsy”. My eyes start twitching when I hear people say they aren’t very big on the outdoors lol…… and start talking smack about bugs and whatever…. it’s like….. are you alien? LOL. No, seriously dude, what planet are you from. It’s wake up and smell the ROSES, not wake up and smell the Mediterranean Lavender Airwick (Though that is among my favorite air fresheners….. I have a crop because I like smelling stuff lol)….. Being in the woods is exciting because it’s not a “what you see is what you get” thing…. you have NO idea what’s out there….. anything could be hiding behind a tree…. lurking around in bushes….. okay, I could see how that would creep some people out…. it’s a rush for me. It’s exciting. I like not knowing. It drives me cray and makes me uneasy but I guess I like that helpless feeling? It makes my heart sort of race with uncertainty and that always let’s you know you’re still alive =) Everything smelled like the woods and….. azaleas? I believe that’s what I was smelling…. though the flowers were not in bloom but the bushes were everywhere. We had azalea bushes at our house in Virginia so I am pretty sure the smell is familiar. I know I smelled moss…. it’s distinct…. AHHHHHH! I just want to go roll in the dirt and leaves and rub moss on my face (kidding not kidding).

Calm down, I’m done rambling. I took my crew on the lamest picnic of the century lol. We were supposed to go to a new park but when we got there we realized that it was loaded with trails and my mom can’t get down like that. So we went to a random location that i’ve been to before and it’s like “meh”….. left there and went to a park we always go to around my way. I’m gonna shut up now because if I don’t, i’ll never post this. Focker out.


Oh, oh, oh. And here were the prominent songs of the trip:



(My uncles went to school with her^^^^ =)





And the rest are from the failed picnic gig and my nephew’s birthday party: